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Deep and Dark Web workshop

PRINCEPS Risk Intelligence Institute’s first workshop delved into the use of the deep and dark web for investigations, led by Jan Černý, esteemed OSINT specialist and Assistant Professor at the Prague University of Economics and Business. 

The session began with tips for everyday online security and data protection that are necessary steps to ensure digital privacy and safeguard sensitive information.

Following that, the participants had a brief introduction into how to utilise OSINT tools online to maximise the effectiveness of their investigation. Jan Černý then highlighted the distinctions between the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.

In the last segment, the participants got a chance to get a look into how to access and navigate the dark web, what levels of safety measures to use, and how this can enhance their investigative work.

With much to discuss about privacy, secrecy, online presence, and the future of data protection, keep an eye on our website for upcoming workshop opportunities.



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