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Political Risk

We can help you understand how local and regional politics hinder
or empower your business.


With our regional expertise and high-end analytical tools, PRINCEPS helps you keep track of the latest regional developments and navigate
the choppy waters of current Central and Eastern European politics.

We gather relevant information

We utilise a wide variety of sources using advanced OSINT and HUMINT techniques. We closely cooperate with local experts and experienced professionals in the relevant fields.

We analyse & contextualise all of our findings and prepare a comprehensive report

Using high-end analytical tools, we assess the risks at hand and predict potential future scenarios and their most likely impacts.

We provide regular updates about political developments in the region

We closely monitor the political spheres in the CEE region to make sure you are always up to date on the latest developments.

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How we can help


Monitoring political stability

We follow major developments both in individual CEE countries and throughout the region as a whole, and evaluate their likely impacts on politics and political stability.

The issues in question include elections, sectoral regulations, government integrity, legislative reform, energy transformation, geopolitical risks, and more.

With the use of our language skills, local expertise and on-site human intelligence, we gather all the relevant information, identify potential scenarios and their likely impacts on relevant industries.

We will provide you with a highly actionable report.
All the information you need, at your fingertips.


Reporting on national sectors

We evaluate and provide comprehensive information concerning national sectors and industries. Utilising complex data and explanations of the current state of affairs, we will supply you with the insights you need to stay ahead of the game.

How will the new government or EU policy affect developments? Is the sector ready to adapt for the future, or will it be hindered by the need to change? Could its operations be inhibited by growing environmental requirements, an increasingly demanding workforce, or the flexibility necessary to navigate global shocks? What investment potential and what risks should you be aware of?

We are here to bring clarity to your decision making.


Assessing the impact of the war in Ukraine on political stability

We prepared multiple probabilistic scenarios with corresponding signposts which could be triggered by a specific development of the war in Ukraine.


Having elaborated on each scenario, we then moved on to assess the impacts each would have on one of the countries in the CEE region and on doing business in the area. We addressed oft-repeated client questions: How likely is the scenario given the country’s political and military planning? How well prepared for the scenario is the country? And what impact would it have on the country’s political stability and security?


The client was then able to account for the most likely outcomes in their strategy, ensuring greater flexibility and preparedness for the future. 

Competitive Intelligence
Non-financial Due Dilligence
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