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The PRINCEPS Risk Intelligence Institute (PRII) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing the risk intelligence industry standards in Central & Eastern Europe.


PRII aims to contribute to establishing best practices in the field by means of educational programs and certificates for students, young professionals, and emerging leaders, as well as through research and published content focusing on the fields of political risk and open-source intelligence.


PRII aspires to create a regional centre of excellence in risk intelligence that connects experts, executives, and young professionals. It likewise aims to establish a shared network, educational opportunities, and modern tools to navigate any current risk intelligence challenges.



PRII is committed to educating and training students, young professionals, and emerging leaders in risk intelligence. It also serves seasoned executives and key stakeholders who need actionable insights in order to be able to make informed decisions in their daily business operations and critical strategic choices.


PRII’s education initiatives and programs include multi-week seminars, one-off workshops, and a semester-long risk intelligence course for students at Charles University. We leverage our experience and expertise from the risk intelligence industry to ensure that all the programs utilise real and practical examples and have been carefully designed to provide the participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate any current Risk Intelligence challenges.

While more information does not necessarily guarantee better decisions, credible and timely information does make good decisions more likely.


RI aims to make sense of the known unknowns and unknown unknowns as they pertain to colleagues, partners, suppliers, investors, key stakeholders, new and emerging technologies, and any other disruptive forces.


Climate change presents arguably the greatest challenge of our time. While the ultimate efforts must be global, its implications are also local.


RI aims to make sense of the impact of climate change on the environment, energy, supply chains, and infrastructure development.


The cross-border flow of capital creates both opportunities and risks as the ultimate source of the money may remain hidden.


RI aims to make sense of the deliberately tangled corporate structures that may hide connections with adversary countries, special interest groups, and/or dubious individuals.

Information Blindness & Uncertainty

Climate & Energy

Toxic Capital and/or Influence


The political environment and stability in our region has direct implications for investments,  businesses, and attracting and retaining talent.


RI aims to make sense of the rise and influence of populism and anti-systemic parties, and their effect on the geopolitical orientation of the countries in the region.


Central and Eastern Europe finds itself in a vulnerable position given its proximity to the war zone in Ukraine.


RI aims to make sense of the implications of the conflict for the labour market and migration, the spread of misinformation and propaganda, cybersecurity, military spending, and the opportunities and the challenges of the post-war reconstruction.

Political Stability

The Eastern Front & Its Implications


United by our shared academic and professional experiences in the risk intelligence industry in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and in Central Europe, we formed a vision of bringing the best industry practices to our Czech homeland and to the wider CEE region.

We strive to bring risk intelligence professionals together and create a community driven by the aspiration to establish and advocate for best practice.

Join us in our quest for excellence.

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