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Princeps Executive Club wrap-up: Generative AI

PRINCEPS Risk Intelligence Institute kicked off 2024 with an event focused on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), a phenomenon that has quickly become one of the most talked about topics across various industries and spheres of life, from risk intelligence professionals to regulators, teachers, and comedy writers.

The reach of AI and its potential to disrupt multiple industries was underscored by the diverse experience and backgrounds of the evening’s keynote speakers: award-winning international businesswoman and mentor Senta Čermáková and journalist and author Miloš Čermák. Inspired by the promise and power of GenAI, the couple leads regular workshops that demonstrate how Gen AI can drive productivity, improve decision-making processes, and foster creativity.

During their session, the experts demonstrated their belief that GenAI does not have to be a threat, but a competitive advantage. Their approach, full of practical examples through participation with the audience, seemed to work. Indeed, a quick word-association poll revealed that the majority of the guests viewed GenAI as the future and possible help, a result that Čermákovi encounter during most of their workshops.

Still, the conclusion of their presentation through Miloš Čermák’s deepfake served as a reminder of the potential threats associated with GenAI. Indeed, on the same day, disinformation experts rang the alarm over a deepfake phone message edited to sound like U.S. President Joe Biden, seemingly urging voters in New Hampshire not to cast their ballots in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

During a previous PRINCEPS Executive Club in October 2023, disinformation expert Dominika Hajdu from GLOBSEC noted that the only way to keep up with AI-generated deepfakes is to invest in better AI technologies for detection. The duality of AI, which can be both the cause and the solution of the same problem, underscores its complexity. Risk Intelligence professionals aim to make sense of complex phenomena and PRINCEPS Risk Intelligence Institute will continue to work with experts in the field to contribute to the discussion about AI.

PRINCEPS Risk Intelligence Institute expresses its gratitude to the guests, keynotes, and co-organizers of this event: the Harvard Club of Prague and the Columbia Alumni Association of Prague.


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