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Non-financial Due Diligence

In high-stakes situations, nothing should be left to chance.


We gather and evaluate all the information you need while making major decisions to protect your reputation, investments, partnerships and other business activities.

We gather information online and offline to provide you with the best insights

We scour the depths of the digital world – registers, media outlets, social media, the dark web, and other sources – to uncover what you need to know. In the real world we rely on a wide network of trusted and discrete sources in the relevant professional and social circles to access knowledge that can be crucial for your high-stakes decisions.

We make the information work for you

We synthesise information from multiple and diverse online and human sources. Exploring counterfactuals allows us to provide as much clarity as possible.

We show you how to utilise the information

We synthesise information from multiple and diverse online and human sources. Exploring counterfactuals allows us to provide as much clarity as possible.

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How we can help

Integrity Check

When it comes to evaluating the integrity of potential business partners or investors, we will stand by your side, asking all the right questions.


Who is really in charge? Are they known to have engaged in problematic activities or do they have connections to incriminating individuals? Does the subject in question engage in ethically dubious practices that could tarnish your reputation? Have they been involved in any illicit dealings with the public sector?


We answer these questions and more with the use of a range of online and offline resources, providing you with clarity and peace of mind.



Comprehensive integrity check

Our client requested information concerning the integrity of a major services company in one of the CEE countries.

With the help of open source research and several discrete sources located in the region and industry in question, we conducted a careful evaluation of the target’s integrity and reputation among competitors, suppliers and business partners, providing the client with all the information they needed to safely pursue their venture.

We confirmed the company was free of systemic malpractice vis-a-vis the government, its partners, and its employees, with a high degree of credibility and professionalism. We then proceeded to identify the most influential member of company leadership. Careful investigation revealed that the person in question was not involved in any corruption, fraud, or personal scandals, despite being a wealthy individual exposed to public scrutiny.

While the company did maintain relations with the current political leadership of its country, it does not leverage them in an inappropriate manner. However, the client was warned about the controversial hire of an ex-civil servant which, while currently harmless, may hold some risk potential in the future.

Competitive Intelligence
Non-financial Due Dilligence
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