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Information Security

The safety of your digital and intellectual assets is key.


While our team of information security and cybersecurity experts is constantly keeping the pace with top industry standards, we also help organisations protect their own systems. We will assess the security of your information infrastructure and suggest further security measures.

We test your current level of electronic security

Based on Microsoft's recent survey, over half of CEE businesses currently do not have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place. We will perform penetration tests of both the external and internal perimeter of your IT infrastructure, as well as your internal network in order to make sure there is no unauthorised inspection, modification, recording, or disruption of valuable data.

We examine both procedural and human causes of potential or existing data leaks

We analyse all levels of access to information in the client’s organisation. Combining technology with a visual approach, we map out pathways of access to information among business partners and suppliers within a defined network of your business activities. We systematically investigate potential sources of specific leaks.

We advise you on how to secure your information and data

We design a secure IT systems architecture as well as robust processes for handling sensitive information by various stakeholders both inside and outside your organisational environment. We routinely stress the importance of continuous knowledge and skill building and educate key information carriers about information security, including relevant tools and techniques suitable for your organisation.

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How we can help


Penetration tests

We begin by performing a surface evaluation of the subject’s vulnerabilities. This is then followed by penetration tests of their online applications and IT infrastructure.


Finally, all results are evaluated in accordance with our robust methodology, explained in detail, and accompanied by actionable recommendations for improving your information security.


Leak investigation

We employ tested tactics to reveal information leaks and investigate how and why they are occurring. 

Using online tools and HUMINT, we discover when information is being leaked by employees or other individuals. We continue with technical investigations to reveal potential electronic leaks, and provide advice on how to repair any uncovered weaknesses.


Team security testing

As part of one of our client’s comprehensive information security assessment, we also performed a scenario-based security drill with the client’s employees to assess their preparedness for dealing with potential online threats. 

Three simulations were conducted using phishing and fraudulent emails, testing whether employees would input their login details upon demand, disclose personal information, or pay for a fraudulent invoice.

In cases where our simulated attacks were successful, advice was provided for building employee’s awareness and resilience to potential future attacks.

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