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Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence services will empower you with comprehensive information about major stakeholders to provide
a crucial advantage as you pursue your business goals.

We identify who matters for your business
and help to get key stakeholders on board

We point out the right people in your field, the public sector, and the media who can help your business move forward.

We systematically gather and analyse information about your chosen markets & competitors

We analyse the regulatory environment and describe political risks and opportunities while continually updating our market development analysis.

We build your internal competencies for analysing your competitors’ activities

We offer a highly practical course during which your key team members will learn how to search the surface, deep and dark web with the aim of gathering information about your competitors.

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How we can help


Foreign investments in a government-regulated sector

We map the state of foreign investments and government involvement in the sectors of choice and the potential risks and opportunities for the sector and investors alike.


Furthermore, we prepare a comprehensive review of related legislation, both new and upcoming, such as tax reforms, development policies, regulations, or funding and investment-related policies.


The resulting report will help you understand the who and the why of each regulatory change. ​ By knowing what to expect and when, you can avoid the risk of unpleasant surprises later down the line.


Mapping market competition

We can help you know exactly what you are up against.

Using advanced search methods, we conduct a forensic source analysis allowing the identification of your competitors’ know-how carriers and the localisation of hidden and unique information concerning their R&D. Tested offline methods are employed to verify our findings and fill in key pieces of the market competition puzzle.


Finally, we instruct key team members on how to effectively search both the surface and dark web for newly emerging information, giving you all the tools you might need to remain up to date.


Stakeholder mapping

A client investing in a highly government-regulated sector in one of the CEE countries was looking to get a better understanding of the corresponding political climate.


First, our team began by identifying the major stakeholders and decision makers, both in public administration and politics. We continued by mapping the selected persons and their relations among one another.


After careful consideration, we also provided indicators of their levels of influence and whether engaging with them would prove to be worth the client's time. This was also supported by information concerning each person’s attitude to foreign investment, ranging from avid supporters to tenacious protectionists.

Competitive Intelligence
Non-financial Due Dilligence
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